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Turnkey installation for telecom customers
Copper Network

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Copper Network

Engineering, civil engineering deployment,, upgrade, installation, swap and commissioning of active equipment, maintenance, customer service, audits.
Strong of our expertise in the telecom fields our teams intervene quickly at your request in the following fields:

  • Turnkey implementation of RLA networks
  • Construction of customers on Pole, on facade, building
  • Partial extensions and major access network project.
  • Preventive and curative maintenance RLA
  • SWAP and indoor and outdoor MSAN works and telephone exchanges

  • References and works performed in Copper Network
      More than 500 projects with Tunisie Telecom:
    • Completion of one hundred Major Projects of partial extensions of Local Subscriber Networks since 1995.
    • Achievement of more than two hundred contract for maintenance and partial extension of the Tunisie Telecom networks.
    • Civil works and wiring with the provision of telephone poles necessary for partial extensions of fixed access.
    • Installation, power supply and the switch of IP-MSAN
    • Installation, power supply and the switch of IP-MSAN
      Housing estate projects:
    • More than fifty of development works and extensions of telephone networks On behalf of: AFH / SNIT / AFI / private housing estates/ Military
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